This was too good not to pass on.

This is an excellent article and I urge anyone who struggles with dieting and a preoccupation with food to read it. It is a hunk of good science, but not too much. Getting familiar with how our bodies work is part of the success formula in becoming our ideal size, shape, and energy level. And in achieving peace and confidence around food.

Plus, the author makes a very clear and simple call to action at the end.

Mindful eating is lifestyle based. To this day, learning how to relax around food, as the author describes, and becoming untethered from my now previous obsession with eating remains some of the most significant personal growth experiences of my life. Read the article to the end. You will see for yourself.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight on a Diet

Rosie Bank

Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach 

Health Matters Podcast