Death by drugs compared to vitamins 3 Million vs. Zero

Most of you will not read the entire article above. But you should know what is in it. After a long, extensive, and responsible study, it is documented that the number of deaths by prescription medicine is very high. And the number of deaths by supplementing (vitamins and minerals) is zero. Compounded by the fact that it is potentially beneficial to use supplementing as a way to strengthen the immune system and remain healthier, it makes a very strong case for prevention as the key to health maintenance.

Because of my willingness to be an advocate for prevention, I am often met with a lot of naysayers. We all make our own choices. I like this position because I believe it makes a huge difference in so many levels of our lives. It pays to be healthy and investing in our health can give us tremendous returns like a longer life and possibly less risk for prescription medicine.

Have a healthy and happy day. Take good care of yourself. The world is a better place when you make your health a priority.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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