It’s a slice of heaven at Sanoviv! The dishes that come out of that kitchen are unbelievable. What they can do with raw food is incredible. Here are the highlights from today.

  • Health-wise, there is so much to learn about detoxification. Today we learned how various organs work in concert to eliminate toxins. So many “diseases” are the result of our bodies not able to eliminate toxins faster then they build up. Treating things topically — such as skin issues — does nothing for the cause, which is the skin backing up in its ability to excrete whatever it needs to support our health. Common ailments can be alleviated through detoxifying.
  • Food allergies are so common, that it can explain why so many people have so many health problems. Things that are often treated with drugs can be eliminated by avoiding foods that cause serious adverse reactions in our bodies.
  • Being in a low stress environment can do wonders for our health. Conversely, living lives that are full of stress can in and of itself compromise our immune system.

For my friends and associates in USANA, here is what I have learned after three sessions (including two hours in the therapy pool) with Collette and the other nine associates here.

  • The numbers of mistakes the goddess of USANA made should make the rest of us mortals feel alot better about ourselves.
  • The best way to grow an organization is to learn from our mistakes. if we aren’t out there working and trying different things, our organizations will not grow.
  • Leadership can look alot of different ways. Some extremely successful people fly under the radar and have no interest in recognition. In fact, people of influence who are “too busy” for USANA, but who see the opportunity, can be encouraged to delegate the business to POI’s (persons of influence) who they know, teach the skills, and develop a team one solid partner at a time. There are a lot of people in USANA with huge organizations who only work with a few key leaders.
  • Thinking about your dream can make you more money than thinking about money.
  • Draw out people’s dreams. Develop an intuition to lead them toward the products or the business.
  • Huge team building strategy: help people get their products paid for. Many will take off as a result.

Nighty night. Have to get up tomorrow at 6:40 for lemon drink and meditation.


PS You don’t have to go at it alone. If you feel you have more questions or if there is something about what you just read that makes you want to learn more, let’s talk about it. Want to book an appointment for a complimentary Health Transformation session