Make delicious home made vegetarian chili in your slow cooker.

Today is December 26, 2017. Every time I make this chili I get creative so I continue to update this post. Vegetarian chili, made in our slow cooker, is a favorite for us every winter. 

I made the chili again this week. Still easy, still nutritious, still delicious. Funny thing! I did not saute anything in advance. I just put it in the crockpot. Thanks to my daughter’s influence we have become mostly vegetarians. I used delicious soy chorizo. I just threw it in. My son is not a vegetarian, so when he comes for dinner, I saute onion, garlic, and turkey in the pan and put it in the bottom of his bowl. What a crowd pleaser! Oh, if you love red wine, pour some in. I used about one cup for a large crock pot. Really, you can’t go wrong. And please feel free to improvise. This year I threw in a can of organic crushed tomato because I was out of tomato paste, which was part of the original recipe. My husband said, “How about some marinara sauce?” We tried that and the results were fabulous.

The quantities are approximated. Please don’t get hung up on exact amounts. It’s not a fancy sauce that requires a precision of ingredients.

It took about twenty minutes to get everything in the crockpot. Thank you, Mark Waldman, AKA The Kitchen God, for sharing this recipe with me. I chose all organic ingredients, so I won’t say “Organic” in front of each ingredient. We believe in the health and environmental benefits of selecting organic produce and hope you do too. Oh, this is completely low-glycemic, has artery-friendly fats, and is full of fiber and protein. It also meets a big portion of your veggie requirements for one hearty meal. For us, the vegetarian version is completely hearty and satisfying.

For this year, I just deleted a whole paragraph about sauteing the veggies beforehand. As I mentioned, I just threw everything in the crockpot and it was just as flavorful. It’s fun to work with a recipe over the years as it evolves.

Take a huge cooking pot. A crock pot works beautifully for slow cooking. (If you are unsure about purchasing a crock pot, let me say here that this is one appliance I cherish. Soups? Fabulous! Chili! See for yourself.

So, in no particular order:

One bag of mushrooms washed and sliced

One bag of shoestring carrots

One bag of chopped kale. (I had used broccoli slaw in the past. See what I mean about improvising?)

One large red pepper chopped

Five cloves of garlic

One can each kidney beans and pinto beans. (I should have retained the liquid because at the end I had to add some water because it was very thick. So, add the liquid, or at least put it aside if your chili is too thick, like what happened yesterday.)

About one teaspoon each of salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, and cumin.

Six pineapple spears chopped (At the end it was a bit too spicy so I added more pineapple to cut the spiciness and it worked perfectly.)

One jar marinara sauce

One can chopped green chilis

One entire soy chorizo

One cup red wine

I cooked it low temperature in the crock pot for about five hours. I made sure to stir it to blend the ingredients and flavors. As I mentioned, I had to adjust the thickness and spiciness.

We served it with grated pecorino cheese, but you can use any kind you want. Grated pepper jack would be wonderful. Sliced avocado would be great too, but there were none at the market when I was shopping for ingredients.

That’s it. Share below if you have any other ideas to enhance this delicious chili. I promise to read and let you know how it works in our kitchen.

Hearty appetite.

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