#10 Calorie Counting vs Calorie Consciousness

An Intuitive Approach To Eating For Health And Slenderness … Without Dieting.

Do you find calorie counting an inconvenient distraction from enjoying your food? I do!

On this podcast, I’ll guide you to simply have a better, more informed, less stressed-out relationship with food. How can you know which to pick… an egg-salad sandwich, or a peanut butter one? I’ll show you the difference.

Learn what food makes you feel fabulous, and discover how to eat just enough of it to achieve optimal health and ideal weight. What is an empty calorie, and why does this matter? Why should you avoid them? All that and more on this episode.

By the way, the free download for this episode is a “Cheat Sheet for Calorie Consciousness”.  You’ll get a whole bunch of tips and strategies to help you determine the calorie value and the nutrient value of foods that you are familiar with. The illustrations depicting the volume of foods in relation to their caloric content will be very helpful to you.

Plus, I have a great list of different foods to select from as you are putting together your super healthy meal.

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