#22 Avoiding the Life and Leadership Graveyard with BODY MIND and SOUL Habits. Interview with Tom Dutta.

Significance. What is it and how do you get it? What steps can you take to align your goals and habits to live the life you desire?

Join Rosie and her guest, Tom Dutta, as they discuss key strategies for busy professionals, parents, and even retirees who aspire to live out their dreams while they still are able, while enjoying reliable good health, vitality, and focus. How do those who aspire to achieve significance bring their bodies, minds, and souls along for the journey?

  • What about unresolved traumas that get in the way?
  • What comes before goal setting to ensure success?
  • What are some of the key nutrition practices?*
  • How do you get up if you stumble?

Tom Dutta is a coach to high achieving women and men. He is a senior business leader, speaker and International #1 Best Selling author with more than 30 years’ experience helping build and grow companies in Canada and the USA. He is the host and executive producer of The Quiet Warrior Internet radio show. His purpose is “To Unleash the Greatness in Others”.

Visit Tom to learn more at https://kreat.ca/
To learn more about Tom, visit https://kreat.ca/who/
To learn more about The Way of the Quiet Warrior book, visit https://kreat.ca/book/

*The types of product Tom recommended are called probiotics. This is the brand and product that I use and recommend: USANA Probiotic.

He also mentioned detoxing the liver. This is the product I use and recommend. Hepasil DTX™. The prices and more info is in the Customer Brochure.

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