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You landed here because the page you were looking for was outdated ... and we removed it during our recent clean-up.

But there is still a lot of practical health information on this site. ​

To make it easier to get to the most useful information, ​we ​created the Five Pillars of the Health Matters System. Feel free to explore each Pillar via the links below.

​You can also ask Rosie a question via the form below and she will get back to you with a personalized response.

The Five Pillars of The Health Matters System

Getting on track and staying on track aren't the result of just one thing. It's the combination of your practices that improve and optimize your health. It's your lifestyle.

When you notice lasting and dramatic change in how you look and feel it will be because you intervened on your own behalf in a few key areas in your life:

Love Yourself First by Rosie Bank

​Pillar #1: Love Yourself First

Your health and wellness journey begins with learning to love and appreciate your body. Love your body and get your body to love you back.

Eat Nutritious Food by Rosie Bank

​Pillar #2: ​Eat Nutritious Food

Get relief from craving food that makes you feel crummy. Fall in love with food that is good for you and that helps you look and feel great.

Unwind from Stress by Rosie Bank

​Pillar #3: ​​Unwind From Stress

Clear the chaos, stress, and perception of not having enough time. Enjoy increased relaxation, peace, and harmony in your body and in your life.

Heal Your Gut by Rosie Bank

​Pillar #4: ​​​Heal Your Gut

Learn to heal your gut with a variety of pro-health practices. Get relief from gut-related issues to lose weight and increase energy.

Move Your Body by Rosie Bank

​Pillar #5: ​​​​Move Your Body

Overcome obstacles to moving your body. Stretch and strengthen your body to bring your energy up and your weight down.

Other Resources

In addition, here are links to some of the other resources on this site:

  • Home Page: Let Rosie introduce herself.
  • Health Resources: Featured Article ("Don't Catch What Your Parents Had"), Blog, ​and Books.
  • Work With Rosie: Info on ​Health ​Coaching and ​Online ​Courses
  • About Rosie: Rosie's amazing story of transformation from a life-threatening eating disorder to being able to enjoy more vitality in her 60's than she did in her 20's and 30's.

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