I am very excited to share this post with you. You can take my suggestion and plug it into your day effective immediately. And if your experience is like mine, you will be thrilled with the results. I don’t know about you, but staying on track and finishing the things that are the most important to me gives me the best feeling. In fact, I had the most remarkable day yesterday. Not because I did anything amazing, but because I did the things I had predetermined were the most important. I planned it out. It was simple and it worked like a charm.

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The reason why I am gaga over telling you this is because I know that some of your greatest accomplishments are attainable simply by your taking the time to figure out what they are. You can apply this to your health, your business, running your family and household, and taking care of yourself. There are no limits to how you can use this system.

Here is the easy formula:

  • Ask yourself this question, “At the end of this day, what would I love to look back and have accomplished?” Here was my list from yesterday. Play in my garden planting new plants; do some creative design on my new website; invite guests to an upcoming event; review the proposal from the marketing girl; and take a bike ride with my husband. I told you, nothing fancy. But I had determined that they were important to me. I knew that doing all of these would make me feel terrific, and perhaps most importantly, each was attached to my core values. What would be your list
  • Determine how much time you would like to allocate to these activities. The sooner in the day you start this, or even the night before, the better you will be at allocating the necessary time, without perceiving that there is not January Calendar Image2enough of it. Working in time-space with the perception of an abundance of it works like magic to help us accomplish our goals. For example, regarding my list above, I determined that I wanted 90 minutes in the garden, 90 minutes on the website, 30 minutes to go over the proposal, 30 minutes to plan for the event, and two hours for the bike ride. I started planning at 9 AM and everything flowed beautifully.
  • Commit to staying focused. What makes this plan work is your ability to remain un-distracted. I absolutely loved the book, The Power of Focus, both times I read it. I am recommending this book to you.
  • Get started with your plan. Keep an eye on the clock and create a sense of moving fluidly through your activities. Taking breaks is encouraged, and defining benchmarks so you know you are finished helps as well. If you are working on a website, for example, and you set aside 90 minutes, you are free to declare yourself finished for that day, and you are free to make adjustments if you want to stay on this task. The purpose is to give yourself support, structure, and encouragement. It does not help if you get stressed about time, since the whole purpose of this is to flow with time.

sleep maskI slept deeply for nine hours last night in part because I was blissfully exhausted, and in part because I had a heavenly sense of accomplishment for my day. Remember, you can apply this to eating healthy, exercising, work projects, and time with loved ones. Enjoy your great sense of accomplishment!

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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