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The 2019 Black Friday special has ended.

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​2019 Healthy Through The Holidays​ Bundle

​​​This brand-new cutting edge course material ​PLUS a session with Rosie could lead to a Health BREAKTHROUGH for you.

​​Bundle includes:

1. ​"Unwind from Stress" online course
 2. "Where Is Your Next Meal Coming From" online course
3. "​Jump-start Your New You" session with Rosie

Course #1: "Unwind from Stress"

Enjoy peace, calm, and increased vitality in the middle of your busy life

  • ​Six Video Lessons plus downloadable slide decks and audio files
  • Two Bonus Guided Meditation Audios
    • Breathing/Relaxation 
    • Time Meditation
  • Two Bonus Videos
    • The Power of Naming Your Emotions 
    • The Stress Relief Formula

​Regular Price $97

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​Course #2: "Where Is Your Next Meal Coming From?"

Break free from the shackles of dieting, confusion, stress around food, and poor eating habits

  • ​Six Video Lessons plus downloadable slide decks and audio files
  • ​Three Bonus Guided Meditation Audios
    • Self-Love
    • Forgiveness
    • Relaxation & Sleep
  • ​Bonus Recipe PDF "T​en-Ten-Ten"
    • ​Ten meals in under Ten minutes for under Ten dollars (for two people) ​
    • ​New version actually includes 20 recipes: ten vegan ​and ten ​​that include animal products

Regular Price $97

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​​​​​Personal One-on-One "​Jump-start Your New You" Session with Rosie

​Have more clarity, confidence, and commitment to get through the holidays and beyond ​around food, health, weight, and/or stress.

  • ​Identify your Single Biggest Challenge in the area of food / weight / health / stress and create “work-arounds” so you can move forward.
  • Bring peace and harmony into your decisions around what, when, and how to eat.​​
  • Get a list of foods that you love to eat, that fit within your dietary preferences, and that support your health and weight goals.
  • ​Get help to navigate tricky social (or family!) situations that make food and stress more challenging.
  • Get inspired and more reconnected to your big health WHY
  • A recording of the session for you to keep
  • Session must be completed by February 2​8, 2020

​This is a full 50-minute "roll up your sleeves and we get to work" ​session.

The tactics and tools ​will be customized for you and your unique situation so that ​you can put them ​to use immediately ​for noticeable results, and then for an indefinite time.

​Value $​2​50

​Total Value: $​44​4 

Black Friday Bundle Price: $​​9​7
(Save 78%)

​​Available until Sunday, December 1, 2019, Midnight (PST)

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Rosie will reach out to you directly to plan for your personal session.

We'll be happy to answer any questions about the courses, session, or bundle.