raspberry smoothie

A balanced, delicious lunch for optimal pleasure, energy, and health

Just imagine being on a tropical island. Fresh organic mangoes with a hint of mint and natural strawberry balanced meal replacement.

Or a mouth-watering pi?a colada smoothie with organic coconut, A couple of crushed pineapple spears, and all natural vanilla meal replacement?

Or our favorite, organic blueberries with almond milk and chocolate whey protein.

If you have had one of these simple and filling drinks, you will know what I am talking about. This, my friends, is the worlds best lunch.pineapple_kiwi_smoothieART_HEAD

How about some chilled decaf coffee with chocolate and cappuccino blend from a nutrient-dense meal replacement powder. Incredibly delicious.

We use almond milk as blueberry shakethe base. Do not buy sweetened. Not necessary. Plan and organic is best. Experiment with your favorite flavors of fruit and avoid adding any sweeteners.

I highly recommend a balanced protein/carb/nutrition blend called Nutrimeal, made by USANA.

Click here to shop on line. Your body will love you for eating these delicious and nutritious shakes for lunch.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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