An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude

As professional networkers, the topic of gratitude is one that we should keep alive as long as we do this kind of work. For many of us, this will be a long, long time.

I know I am not alone in my relentless desire for having and pursuit of building a stronger, larger, and more profitable organization. Hey, join the club, right?

I have had my share of ups and downs. Challenges that knocked the wind out of my sails temporarily. Isn’t that part of getting stronger and better? Isn’t that a requirement along the way to increased prosperity?

But here’s the thing that has worked for me and continues to be a magic charm: Focus on each blessing – large or small. Each win, each step forward, I must recognize it. I must turn my attention to it – and so should you.

Especially on the days when I feel that my Really Big Goals are further beyond my reach than I would like, I must give thanks for the good things that happen. And when I set my mind to notice these blessings, more blessings appear. What a cool law that is!

For me, the cherry on top of this practice is hearing myself say things like, “I can do this!” “This is working!” It would not serve me and the people with whom I work to cave under the challenges just because things don’t always look the way I think that they should look. It requires energy and discipline to tell myself such positive things. And then funny thing, the positive self-talk becomes its own habit. It is top-quality, high octane fuel and is an essential ingredient for us to accomplish what we came here to do. As professional networkers we guard our attitudes with our lives.

I am very happy to be doing this work. If I were really bummed out because I am not yet where I know I will be in the near future, it would make this game too un-fun and unnecessarily difficult and that would be my own undoing. So, I choose a different path. The path of gratitude is paved with great accomplishments.

Bring it on! Count your blessings and they will surely multiply.

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With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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