Rosie Bank

Rosie Bank is a Health Coach to busy professionals and retirees. Her purpose is to help people get their health and their bodies to support them at work and in their personal lives. Rosie is a role model, a mentor, an inspiration, and a tough love messenger for those who must get their bodies to be healthier. Rosie helps her clients with:

  • weight loss

  • increasing energy and vitality

  • overcoming binge eating and debilitating cravings

  • metabolic syndrome

  • gut health
  • improving insulin sensitivity

  • heart-healthy practices

  • boosting immunity

  • nutrition and food planning

  • reducing inflammation

  • meditation, breathing, and relaxation

  • mind-set and cognitive behavior

Rosie serves her clients in her office in Northern California and throughout the United States via video conferencing. She is the Founder of Health Matters Coaching, an author of four books on health and business, and is an International Speaker. Health Matters is a guide to getting your body to love you back in fifty-two weeks.

Rosie’s expertise since the mid-1970s has been to guide others to live more successfully in their bodies. She is laser-focused and profoundly compassionate in order to inspire anyone who longs to live with abundantly improved health and a more peaceful and balanced life.

Rosie with husband Mark

Rosie is Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is the founder of Health Matters Coaching and the author of four books on health, including her newest book Health Matters. Rosie is an international speaker, a blogger, and the founder of Health Matters podcast. She is certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant through the American Fitness Professional Association and is a Nutrition Advisor through Sanoviv Medical Institute. Rosie is the founder of the Vitality Club in Brentwood, California.

As a graduate of the Rolf Institute and the Iyengar Yoga Institute, Rosie has practiced as an Advanced Rolfer, Rolf Movement Teacher and Iyengar Yoga Instructor for over thirty years. Rolfing is a system for aligning the body through manipulations, structural postural alignment and education. People choose to get Rolfed in order to relieve strain and tension in their bodies, overcome physical limitations, and increase their sense of freedom and flexibility. Yoga is an excellent compliment to Rolfing because both modalities address and help you release chronic tension and postural strain patterns. Yoga, along with meditation, mindfulness and breathing practices, works to soothe your entire body. Although not medical by nature, these modalities are called complimentary because they work along side of some of the more traditional ways you approach health and wellness.

Rosie Loves Healthy FoodThe other arena where Rosie serves her clients is through nutrition and supplementation. As a distributor with USANA Health Sciences since 1999, Rosie has trained extensively in the science of nutraceuticals. This means that she can guide you to use certain types of pharmaceutical grade supplements to help a variety of body-based and health-based goals. This includes, and is not limited, to weight loss, joint health, heart health, liver health, reducing inflammation, gut health, skin radiance, and more. Supplementation plus an evaluation/modification of your diet can be among the most potent strategies for you to employ to dramatically improve your health. Please visit www.RosieHealth.USANA.com to learn more. (Contact Rosie for more guidance rosie@rosiebank.com)

Rosie has earned Advanced Communicator Gold through Toastmasters International. She graduated from the Klemmer and Associates Leadership seminar series and is certified through the Arvee Robinson Master Speakers Academy. Rosie is available to speak to your organization on several wellness-focused topics. To learn more visit www.RosieBank.com/speaker.

Rosie’s approach is integrative. She is committed to help you live an embodied life, to become your own health asset manager, and to experience lifestyle benefits that inspire you to stay on this journey as the benefits you enjoy continue to compound. She practices and is committed to a variety of wellness strategies including exercise, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and a vegan lifestyle.

Rosie would love to show you how to love your body and get your body to love you back.

Let me help you get to know me...

I am passionate about living a healthy life and inspiring others to do this as well. Health Coaching is about learning to live with more peace, vitality, and confidence. It is about getting your life to work better because your body feels, looks, and works better. I love to help my clients find balance in their lives.

For over three decades my specialty was body therapy, Rolfing, movement education, and teaching yoga and body therapy. I taught and studied throughout the US, and trained extensively in India and Italy. I was born with a deep love of body-related practices. Rolfing and yoga are magical, transformational, and powerful disciplines.

In 1999 I stumbled into nutrition. This changed and perhaps saved my life. First, by changing how and what I ate, I overcame several challenging health conditions that I had been lugging around for quite a while. This included a lifetime struggle with being seriously addicted to carbs, and formerly, a life-threatening eating disorder. Being able to leave these issues completely in the past where they belong was the first step to my transitioning from body therapy and yoga to nutrition and health coaching.

Studying nutrition and coaching in depth opened a whole new world to me. I developed my expertise in health coaching because I wanted to help people in a more dramatic way to live successfully in their bodies compared to what I had been doing previously. My commitment is to serve others who need to get their bodies to support them at work, with their families, and to live freely, like what happened to me.

I enjoy a fun-filled healthy lifestyle with my husband, Mark Waldman, and our dogs, Dolly and Gus. You will find me kayaking, biking, hiking, skating, swimming, doing yoga or jumping on my trampoline every day. We make fabulous vegan food and love to travel the world, often pursuing sporty adventures. Meditating daily is among my sacred practices. I must practice what I preach in order to be a reliable role model for others.

As a naturopathic doctor I am generally skeptical of so-called nutritional information and those purveying it. Rosie is different: her information is well researched, scientifically-based, and she eliminates the insanity surrounding the nutrition industry and presents accessible and clear information. Rosie makes the complicated world of nutrition easy to understand. Rosie is genuine and approachable, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my patients to her.

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