You say you want to live a long healthy life, be around for kids and grand kids, and you talk the talk. You might be one of those people who tries to eat better, tries to get to the gym, and tries to get more rest. The obvious factors that support your stay-healthy goals are things you already know: keep a moderate weight; avoid tobacco and excess alcohol; eat your veggies and avoid junk food; get plenty of exercise; take your supplements; and don’t skimp on sleep. Ho hum right. The media is practically screaming at us to follow these guidelines.

What makes health even more interesting are the more subtle practices that have just as great an impact. Do you recognize any opportunities for you here to walk your talk and make this real for you in your lifetime?

  1. happy sadWhat are your attitudes and beliefs I heard someone say last week that when she got the sniffles, she was sure that it would develop into bronchitis. Her body complied with her belief. I promise you that when your body gives you messages like the sniffles, bolstering your positive expectations and willingness to nurture yourself back to feeling 100% makes a huge difference. When you feel good, remind yourself that there is plenty more feeling good to be had. Notice your thoughts.
  2. What do you talk about Are your conversations with friends and family an organ recital? Do you lug your aches and pains around like a badge of suffering, always ready to share them with others? Someone I know keeps reminding everyone around him that he expects to become senile, when he is not that way at all! Are you able and willing to focus on the positive, and make that part of your conversations? Notice what you talk about.
  3. What are your expectations When you look into your own future, what do you see? Do you visualize yourself aging and becoming your parents? Have you entered that cultural portal called aging with resignation? Are you able and willing to hone your outlook in order to create more vitality? Notice what you expect.*
  4. Do you give thanks Being grateful is a blessing unto itself. The more you are thankful, the more you have to be thankful for. It is a wonder drug. There is no law against complaining. You just might not appreciate where that will lead you. So adjust your point of focus. Appreciate all that is good.

centenarianAmong centenarians, some of them smoke, some only exercise a little bit, and some don’t have the perfect shape or size body. Most of them don’t smoke, most do stay active, and most have modest weight. In addition, they are notoriously positive, hard-working, fun-loving people. The point is for you to complete your habits and practices with the right attitude, focusing on what is possible for you living in your body, and adjusting your outlook. People who live to be 100 tend to be optimistic, and happy. Continue to buy and eat organic broccoli and kale. Continue to exercise and get plenty of sleep. And remember to think and act like a healthy and radiant older person, and you just might become one.

With love and encouragement,


Rosie Bank


Board Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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