**Blogger’s note: I just browsed through several Special Reports and Blog posts I have written on the topic of wellness, health and weight loss. I see a recurring theme that I believe is worth mentioning.

  1. My message (and my own practices) are consistent. There are no jazzy tricks, new-fangled gimmicks, or “this just in” breakthroughs.
  2. The basic truths surrounding optimal health and permanent weight loss can be viewed through a variety of lenses, but they do not self-contradict. There are a variety of perspectives, but you do not have to go all over the map for basic concepts with which you can live and thrive. 

Enjoy this, my latest piece of encouragement for you♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

When I was in high school I weighed the same as the day before my son was born. That was about thirty pounds ago.  My purpose in telling you this is because I feel that all that stress, weight, embarrassment, confusion has been left in the past. My role as a Health Coach is to help my clients find relief similar to mine. 

If you are thinking that 30 pounds is not a ton of weight, let me explain.

  1. One does not have to be morbidly overweight to struggle and stress over her health and weight. Being chubby was a huge issue for me. One person’s struggle does not have to look like another person’s struggle.
  2. Since I was bulimic, I disappeared the weight through purging. I would not wish that on my worst enemy. Overcoming that was among the hardest and most life-changing events of my entire life.

So, here I am, in my 60’s, weighing 30 pounds less than when I was in high school, and having more energy than I did when I was in my 20’s. I’ll show you the steps that work. Don’t be surprised if this seems simple, and if you already know everything I am going to tell you. The real question is, do you practice these on a regular basis?

  1. Make your food choices about health, not weight. You will grow to be happy with your weight if you focus on food that is good for your health. Salads over pizza, unsweetened iced tea or lemony filtered water over sugary coffee drinks, fruit and veggies over junk food, home cooked real food over fast food,
  2. Give your body time to evolve. My body found this size over a fairly long time. I did not wake up one day and find my new normal weight to be 108 pounds. It sneaked up on me. Think of easing into your new size as a result of the pro-health initiatives you practice gradually over time. This is not something you start (like a diet) and end (like a program.)
  3. Work on your relationship with food. I hear from my clients that food is like the playground bully. This must change. To keep it simple here, I recommend you practice relaxation techniques, like breathing and putting down your fork, while you eat. Staring down the control food has over you will change your life. It will even change the settings in your nervous system so that you want to eat healthier food, you digest it better, and you get more nutrients into your body.
  4. Enjoy the journey. One of my clients told me this week that she had heard that healthy food would  make her feel better but she did not believe it. Then she had her own experience of this, and she is now hooked on doing things on purpose that give her energy, vitality and a positive outcome. She, like everyone else with whom I have worked, enjoys the personal power and control that comes with turning this corner.
  5. Find other things you love to do. Getting involved in life works wonders when it comes to getting an amicable divorce from food. These activities begin to crowd out overeating and an obsession with food. It takes time, but these are the kinds of things I am asking you to practice. (I discuss this at length in Health Matters.) Make a list of things you love to do that are not food related and do these on purpose on a regular basis.
  6. Don’t piss your body off. I am quoting one of my clients when I say this. She said this at the beginning of her Health Coaching series. Here is what people who take good care of their bodies rarely or (better yet) never do: 1. Stuff themselves until they feel sick. 2. Misuse food to quell unpleasant emotions. 3. Eat or drink copious amounts of low quality food. 4. Drink an excess of alcohol. 5. Ignore movement and exercise. 6. Overuse caffeine. 7. Poison their bodies with chemical-laden foods (pesticides, artificial sweeteners, highly processed foods). 8. Let themselves get dehydrated, or eat when they are really thirsty. 9. Allow themselves to become habitually exhausted and addicted to stress. Read through this list and do exactly the opposite.
  7. Avoid radically dangerous, unsustainable things in an attempt to lose weight. Extreme dieting, purging, excessive exercise, skipping meals, yo-yo dieting, diet pills are examples of non-healthy, unsustainable approaches that could put you at risk.

Getting healthy, losing weight without losing your mind, and becoming a happier person living in your unique body is a journey of a lifetime. Love your body and let your body love you back. Health matters… and so do you.

With love and encouragement,




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